In drupal 6 you could easily get raw values of all fields. Now there is no RAW values for fields? why is this so?


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Ahh solved it. There is token display part and there you can change and put tokens to some plain text/ raw value.

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Thanks deepM, could you explain this a bit more? What is a display part, and how do you put tokens to raw value?

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- go to the "manage display" tab on the node type you're trying to use auto_nodetitle on
- open the "custom display settings" fieldset
- click on the "Tokens" checkbox to be able to configure the "token" view mode and click "Save"
- click on the "token" subtab (e.g. admin/structure/types/manage/[foo]/display/token)
- change the format on the fields you're trying to use for the title to be 'plain text' and save

However, that's still not really 'raw', since tags are still stripped. Ultimately, I think token.module needs to provide truly raw token values again for various use-cases (e.g. auto_nodetitle). However, that's already being requested at #1713164: field_tokens() isn't respecting sanitize option so let's focus the effort there.