Hi everyone, I recently discovered a pretty big issue on my website: I cannot create new users with the admin interface.
Users can still register through register form but I cannot create new ones.

When I submit the user register form @ /admin/people/create, I have no warning or error and I am redirected to /admin/people/create... But instead of displaying the user register form on this new page, I have the content of the admin/people page (without the link Add new user at the top of the page) and of course, my newly created user is not in the user list (I checked in DB and it's not there too).

I watched at $form and $form_state and put some var_dump and die() instructions at the beginning of the first #submit function and #validate function but these die() never showed up ! So the form fails and redirect me even before processing any validating or submitting function ! I have no clue why such a thing appear, I have nothing at all in the logged events and the HTTP response code when submitted is "200 OK"...

Any help will be greatly appreciated,




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I finally found the source of the problem it's this line in a hook_form_alter:

$form['actions']['submit']['#value'] = 'I register';

Now I just want to change the text of this button and keeping my form working...

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As the problem doesn't occurs with the form in /user/register and that I need to change the [#value] only there, I add a condition in my hook_form_alter to verify if the user is logged in or not.