I've been looking for this for a few months now and I've never found the answer. Checked the IRC channels a thousand times and every Google result, so this is my last resort.

Is it possible to, given the field information for a Media: Youtube file, display the video manually in a template file?

The image in attachment #1 (krumo.png) shows my field (http://i.imgur.com/nQQXkQ7.png). It lives in $node. I've tried the following with zero success

<?php print render($node->field_video_link); ?>
<?php print render($node->field_video_link['und']); ?>
<?php print render($node->field_video_link['und'][0]); ?>

<?php print $node->field_video_link; ?>
<?php print $node->field_video_link['und']; ?>
<?php print $node->field_video_link['und'][0]; ?>

I've also tried nearly every possible combination of

<?php print theme('media_youtube_video', $someArrayOfOptions); ?>

including but not limited to (I've also moved these combinations around within themselves):

$someArrayOfOptions = array(
$someArrayOfOptions = array(
$someArrayOfOptions = array(
$someArrayOfOptions = array(

Attachment #2 (yt.png: http://i.imgur.com/eNM7CvQ.jpg) is the closest I've come with every combination:

The play button is not clickable, the video doesn't do anything doesn't play, the space is just to make sure I could see everything.

Please, how can I just print a playable video with a size of my choosing, in a template file?

yt.png1.83 MBB Leg
krumo.png85.88 KBB Leg
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Like I answered on the other issue, use <?php print render($content['field_video_link']); ?>. If you want to adjust the size you can make a view mode with custom formatter options. Instructions on that should be in the Media: YouTube readme.

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Like I'd mentioned in the other issue: print render($content['field_video_link']); does nothing no matter where you put it.

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That's odd. Is the field present at all in the node's content variable? You should be able to find it under the Devel Render tab.

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NOTE: Your field may be named something different.
'field_video_link' is just an example.

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Related issues: +#1916664: Embeding youtube video in templates
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i have the same problem and the above recommendation solution didn't work