Hi Guys
Firstly, thanks for a super module!

Secondly, I have enabled page title for admin to see and create a page title but it does not show up in page nodes. Any reason why not?

I have the page title module set up as well and used extensively across the site [http://ihubbub.com] but I also want to modify individual pages. For example, page title allows me to add a default title to all pins added to our map but on our main pins page I want to add a custom page title. Instead of it being simply the H1 'Pins' (which I want on the actual page) I want the title to be something else - where I can use a keyword rich title.

Also, where can I learn more about settings for this module? I want to make sure I have enabled all the right check boxes for optimal SEO.

Any help will be most appreciated.
Many thanks