Build a simple conditional field in Views 7.x-3.x

Last updated on
25 January 2018

You can make conditional fields in views without using additional modules like Views PHP.

In this example, we make the path for a node title automatically link to the node path, to a URL link or to a file path, depending on the content type. Note that this is just an illustration of a concept which can be changed depending on the requirements.


Type Paths
Node path /content/node-title
File path /sites/all/files/this-file.pdf

Create the content types

  1. Create three content types: News, News URL, News PDF
  2. For each content type, create the following fields:
    • News: title, body
    • News URL: fields: title, field_url (link field)
    • News PDF: fields: title, field_pdf (file field)

Add Sample Contents

  • News: Node Title (title), Some Text.. (body)
  • News URL: URL Title (title), (field_url)
  • News PDF: PDF Title (title), upload a pdf file (field_pdf)

Configure Views

  1. Create a view, block or page
  2. Add the following fields: Content: Title, Content: URL, Content: PDF
  3. Add additional fields: Global: Custom Text, Content: Path
  4. Arrange the above fields to:
    • Content: PDF
    • Content: URL
    • Content: Path
    • Global: Custom Text
    • Content: Title

    Configure fields

    1. Content: PDF
      • Exclude from display
      • Formatter: URL to path
      • check hide if empty
    2. Content: URL
      • Exclude from display
      • Formatter: URL, as plain text
      • No Result Behavior put [field_pdf]
    3. Content: Path
      • Exclude from display
      • Rewrite Results, check Use absolute link (begins with "http://")
    4. Global: Custom Text
      • Exclude from display
      • Text: put [field_url]
      • No Result Behavior put [path]
    5. Content: Title
      • Uncheck Link this field to the original piece of content
      • Rewrite Results: check Output this field as a link, on path, put [nothing], check Use absolute path

    The output should be: