I've been evaluating the Panopoly -dev version for a potential client and I'm stumped trying to figure out how to add the "search form" to a page.

When I click "customize this page", then click a "+" button to add content, the search form doesn't seem to appear in any of the "Add..." buttons in the "Add content to ..." window.

Is this not possible, or am I missing something simple?



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If you go to "customize this page" and click on the add "+"sign you then go to widgets and select search bar to add.

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You may need to enable that pane since it doesn't come on by default. More information here #1959300: Ability to "Add widget"?, but this might need more documentation/work.

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Going to postpone till post RC4 though

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RC4 is out, so I'll set this back to active.
Why by the way aren't all panes enabled by default?

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I would have to agree that all panels should be enabled by default, but I'm not sure if this is a problem for panels or panopoly. I know a lot of people have a really tough time with adopting panels because they don't understand that certain elements are not available until they go to the panels pages settings and click the unchecked boxes.

That said, after enabling the Search Form, I cannot add it in panels config..

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Yeah, in order for this to be available, you need to go to Admin -> Panopoly -> Panopoly Settings -> Panopoly Admin and enable "Use Advanced Panel Panes". There is an other issue that might make it so this isn't necessary: #2535648: Change "Use Advanced Panel Plugins" to a permission

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