Regardless of the version of either module installed, this module effectively blocks Entity Connect. Entity Connect is a very useful module for adding or editing a node/entity right form the entity reference field. When entity connect attempts to redirect me to add/edit the referenced entity, clientside validation is triggered on all the empty or improperly filled fields.

Otherwise this is a great module compatbile with every field I have thrown at it and this has been my only problem thus far.

I have also posted this issue at the Entity Connect issue queue and would love to see a colbaration to solve this problem. #1928704: Incompatible w/ Clientside Validation


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Did you try excluding the form in the clientside validation settings?

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The easiest way is if entityconnect would add a 'cancel' class to their buttons (this way clientside validation will not be triggered for those buttons). Otherwise we have to do it ourselves in a hook_form_alter which is a lot more difficult (testing if the module exists, if it does, finding the right buttons etc.). I'll post a patch in the other issue you created.

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Updated issue summary.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Patch by Jelle_S has been commited in Entity Connect.
I think we can close that issue, and marked it in "work as design" as the solution is implemented into Entity Connect.