The comment in system_init says to call db_set_ignore_slave() but the function is called db_ignore_slave(). Also, the comment block exceeds column 80 on a few lines so we might as will make it standards compliant at the same time.

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Patch attached.

* Changes function name to db_ignore_slave()
* Edit comment block so that no lines exceed 80 characters.

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Looks great.

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Switching components, assigning to Jennifer. Thanks!

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I'll wait until #1793074: Convert .info files to YAML is committed (avoid commit conflicts issue that touches the same file) to commit this. They might not conflict but I just like to avoid touching the same file when an issue is tagged "avoid commit conflicts".

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I committed this to 8.x, and as the code/docs/problem were the same in 7.x, committed to 7.x too. Thanks!

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