The rich_snippets_default_preprocessor function assumes its getting passed node entity data, which isn't always the case.

There is probably a better way to do this, but for now, I've added a return if the node object isn't present inside the resultset.

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Below is a patch to check for the node object before printing node specific variables.

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Good catch. Thanks for posting a patch, and I definitely want to explore ways to be non-node friendly. Would love to hear some ideas on how to proceed.


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I don't think we should block on only node centric code. For example :
The first result is a file, and it still can benefit from some of the rich snippets markup if support is added to it.

Attached is a patch I'm using

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I like this approach.

What happens when the apachesolr_get_index_key_map() returns FALSE? I want to make sure that use case is handled gracefully.

Thanks for the contribution,

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since you have isset() in all the code that relies on the output of apachesolr_get_index_key_map, it is safe to return false.

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Nick_vh's approach and patch looks good. Our use case with commons suffers from issues with Rich Snippets and Tika file search results. The patch provided by Nich_vh eliminates the assumption of node based result sets.

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Excellent. Thanks for testing! Marking as RTBC.

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