I installed the latest version of the dev version for 7.x-2.x-dev, and my site is no longer working properly. See attached for copy of errors:
There's a problem in the plugin definition of the layer type openlayers_layer_type_MY_MODULE. The layer will be disabled.

This seems to only occur as long as the IP Geoloc module is installed and enabled. I am unable to add new content types with GeoField and Openlayers, and the pre-sets for the GeoField Widget and Formatter do not display.

error-2.jpeg904.62 KBIKE0088
error-1.jpeg1.31 MBIKE0088
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I've seen the same, but do not have IP Geo installed, just Geofield. (i get an error on adding a node with a geofield).

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I believe I fixed the Geofield issue by redoing all of the layers and maps to the same projection. Appears as though this version modified everything and added EPSG:900913 instead of 900913. That seems to work, and I can now view the Geofield Widget Map. Still have the same issue regarding the plugin definition incomplete.

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I can confirm this too. I am using Geofield, not IP_Geolocation.
After updating to dev version from 2013-Feb-27, if I edited a map there was no available map layer. No map projection radio button was selected.
Selecting the EPSG:900913 one, and saving the map, I have all my base layers back, but I have to configure back the default one and the enabled ones.

May be the update script should be more specific. For now it shows:

7204 - Renamme the 'baselayer' in 'isBaseLayer' in layers.
7205 - Change the case of machine_name for layers, maps and styles. Warning, it can break things.
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I too am getting:

There's a problem in the plugin definition of the layer type openlayers_layer_type_MY_MODULE. The layer will be disabled.

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The regular release seems to break this as well.

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The new release is now using projections as they should and modules providing layers and map needs to be updated in order to function properly.

Read: #1940174: Projection EPSG:4326 requested but not supported in openlayers_get_projection_by_identifier() and #1331410: Better Handling of Projections.

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Is there any way to fix a previously-working configuration? I've only got two views using openlayers maps that I really care about, but not sure how to fix them. As I understand it it has to do with some modules specifying projects by just a number when the preferred has the 'EPSG:' prefix. Is there any way to track down which modules are not conforming?

(I'd guess it's IP Geolocation, but I'm not sure.)

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Only hit for 'openlayers_layer_type_MY_MODULE' in my code base is in the file 'ip_geoloc_openlayers.inc'. I tried prepending all references to projections in that file with 'EPSG:' with no change in errors or behavior.

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Sorry, double post.

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I've updated my copies of the IP Gelocation and Geofield modules, but maps are not displaying at all. I'm going to try rebuilding a map later to see if it is something map-specific.

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Also updated Geofield module, still no map is rendered. Created a new map, to no avail.

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Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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Please recheck with 780da150a5ba36e1e0015aa15ce5b3315315f4de applied which should give more precise error messages.

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I've recently applied mods to IP Geolocation Views and Maps, 7.x-1.x-dev, so that you can use it with the latest OpenLayers, i.e. 7.x-2.0-beta5 or later.
With IP Geolocation Views and Maps, you can pick any coordinate storage module you like, including Geofield.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.