The docs don't seem to tell a user how to get a recent drush version on Debian squeeze. refers to squeeze-backports, but there we only have 4.5

What would be the recommended way? Grab from sid? Or install manually?

This info should probably find it's way into


helmo’s picture does have it in 'unstable' but then depends on the php-console-table package which is not in squeeze.

One trick is:

1. to get php-console-table manually from
2. Install it with: dpkg -i
3. apt-get install drush

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I've added your comments to Automatic install on Debian as it helped me install aegir2 successfully. I thought it best that something was in the docs rather than nothing at all!

Thanks for your help!

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This needs to be fixed for the 2.x release, obviously, thanks for the report.

I think php-console-table could be backported to squeeze.... Any other ideas?

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I think that would do it.

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actually, that takes a while, and doesn't make much sense from debian's perspective, because drush 5 is not backported to squeeze and can't, because there's already a backport of drush 4, necessary for aegir 1.x to be installable there.

i'll just upload php-console-table to our archive for the time being.

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that was done, 1.1.4 should be in unstable in our archive now.

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