When I add Superfish to the Menu Bar block, I get a color block in the top of the site.

When I inspected the page in Chrome I get
#menu-bar-wrapper in colors.css
background: #0a465;

But in the colors.css file the settings are:

#menu-bar-wrapper {
background: #2e2e2d;

I wish to set the block color to the same as the backgroundcolor for the page.

My site are: lysetskanal.dk
I use this versions:
Theme: Corolla 7.x-3.0-rc1
Superfish 7.x-1.9-beta5

Picture "Without superfish" are the site without Superfishmenu
Picture "superfish" are with the Superfish menu enabled.
Picture "colorcss" are the elemet inspected on the site

Thansk for your advance

colorcss.png20.42 KBdanaist
superfish.png283.01 KBdanaist
Without superfish.png526.93 KBdanaist
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Project: AdaptiveTheme » Corolla
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