In both Views2 imagefield and the CCK2's Display/Format options for uploaded images, there is no selectable formatter for outputting a link -> original image in a lightbox. Is this by design?

There are plenty of other link -> [imagecache-preset] formatters - one for each imagecache preset in fact, but nothing for popping-up the original image from a simple text link.


<option value="imagefield__lightbox2__link__Big-Winner-Grid">Lightbox2: link->Big-Winner-Grid</option>

Nothing for link -> original though.

I don't want to duplicate images on the server by creating a virgin ImageCache preset - that would give me the formatter format I want, but would copy and paste the image from the original upload directory to the ImageCache directory, which is extremely redundant and takes up twice as much space.

How do I enable this missing formatter preset?


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Category: bug » support

Changing to a support request since I did ask a "how-to" question, but depending on the answer this could still be considered a bug report, if that formatter should actually be present and isn't.