i'm developing a view to lists child terms from a hierarchical vocabulary as linked 'folders' in a page display, and direct child nodes of the term as linked 'files' in an attachment display (attached to, and below the page), more or less the way dmoz.org and windows (file) explorer work. to make navigating 'up' the tree possible, i'm trying Custom Breadcrumbs (CB).

currently i have two versions of this view. one that uses '(node) Taxonomy: Term ID (with depth)' as an argument, and one that uses 'Taxonomy: Parent term'.

i'm using CB with default settings, except for two adjustments.

  1. 'Use taxonomy-based breadcrumbs for views' is enabled on the Custom Breadcrumbs Configuration page;
  2. i inserted the vocabulary name into the breadcrumbs trail with a Custom Breadcrumb for Taxonomy Vocabulary, linked to the root of the taxonomy via a pathauto alias.

this works fine for node pages. i see a complete trail listing all the parent terms, the vocabulary name and Home.

for term pages [1] however, the correct trail is only added when the first view (Term ID (with depth)) is used. with the second view (Parent term), the trail is always 'Home' only.

because my second view is closest to what i want, i'd like to continue that one, but with a correct breadcrumb trail.

is that possible?



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Title: taxonomy breadcrumbs not working for view with parent term as argument » taxonomy breadcrumbs not working for view with parent term as argument?
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