First things first: really love Corporateclean; with some css additions it makes my site looking just fab!

However, there's one little thing that could be done nicer in my opinion: the responsive menu. Would love to see a menu that changes into a dropdown, an accordion, or something similar when the site is viewed on a mobile device (at least at mobile phones, may be at tablets in portrait mode too).

An example I really like can be seen here (make the window smaller to see the effect):

Thnx in advance!


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Hi George,

Nice to see you've already assigned this request to yourself, thnx! ;)

I've visited your website, and seen that you implemented a mobile menu solution already in themes like SuccesInc (which is a very nice theme btw!). I can imagine your opting for such a solution in Corporateclean too.

However, will there eventually be a possibility to theme the mobile menu into something which is used at Personally, I think such a 'design' will be kind of standard in the future, as more and more (mobile) apps have this kind of button too (e.g. facebook app for iPhone).

Anyway, looking forward to your solution, keep up the good work!

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The beginnings of a module aiming to centralize a simple solution to responsive menus:

Currently you can use jQuery / CSS selectors to target any menu on the site.

Plans to add buttons in Drupal's menu edit areas to manage responsive settings, etc. I hope it grows into an all encompassing solution.
Also plug-able to add support for other 3rd party responsive menu libraries.