I am using Views 7.x-3.5

For me, my views are not translated at all.

I have set my translations as follows:
Translated field labels, translated views title using UI. I have localized taxonomy terms (so no new terms are created, only term title and term description are translated).
I have also set in my views Field Language:Current user's language.
I have set in Views -> Settings -> advanced -> Localization: Internationalization Views

But my views are still not translated (nor terms, labels nor views title)
Content on the website is translated OK, I have problem just with views.
Can anybody help, what I forgot to set?


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Hi Tomas

Did you find a solution? I am in the same position.


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Given that the last commit was over 33 weeks ago and it's never moved beyond a pretty basic buggy 7.x-dev version, shouldn't the status of this module be changed to either Minimally Maintained, Seeking New Maintainer, Seeking Co-Maintainers, or Abandoned? It's clearly not Actively Maintained.

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We use the module actively in our current projects without issues.
Recent major issues all required fixing in views core.

Beside that, actively maintained doesn't require us to solve your issues. We are open to consider your patch submission.