Hi, i was stuck with the concept to redirect the cover image when you click to the gallery directly. Instead of going in the gallery it goes to the item wihch was not correct for my installation. I notice that you have a Custom Display Settings "Node Gallery Thumbnail" who can be change to reflect the situation i need but when you change it you also change the Gallery thumbnail itself who do a loop back when you change "View mode: Node Gallery File Thumbnail" to "View mode: Node Gallery File Cover".

With Entity view modes have been able to add a new display setting for the cover and let the thumbnail as is to make it work has it should be.

It would be nice to add the display setting like "Node Gallery Cover Thumbnail" for others who would like to have the same thing, everything is there in your views except this display setting on the gallery item. So that way when user browse gallery list and click on the image cover they will arrive in the gallery and when they are in the gallery and click on picture they will go to the picture itself.

By the way great module!!! ;)

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The attached patch will fix this problem. Please help me test it. To test:

1. Apply the patch.
2. Run update.php.
3. Revert the View called "Node Gallery: Gallery Item Views".

That should all the Cover Image Thumbnail display to link correctly.

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Status: Active » Reviewed & tested by the community

Good work, it look good ! ;) thanks