I create a template, and I send it with "create/send".
But since this action, she always send with the CRON...
For all sunscribers... again and again...
Help, how can i stop this ?
Thank a lot,


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Experiencing the same issue - installed and sent a test newsletter. It sends every time cron runs. I also noticed that there are no statistics.

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Hello friendswoodtech,
Do you have some new explainations since last time ?
How do you stop sending?
In my side, I uninstalled the module...

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From devel/php or in a module/theme, would stop it from sending

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I uninstalled also. I will have to re-evaluate this at a later time but for now am using SimpleNews.

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Priority: Major » Critical

rootatwc, Where i want to write this code. Is there any schedule newsletter...

Thanks in advance

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  • Install devel module
  • Go to mysite.com/devel/php
  • Paste this code
  • Execute
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I can't install devel module because my website is large. Site went down when i installed devel module already I had experience.

Can you suggest anyother way?

Thanks in advance

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paste the code in your template.php and reload the frontpage while you are logged in

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After that i can't send newsletter. My cron will run every one hour. So I can't set corn for 1 week. I need a weekly newsletter.
Also the variable "newsletter_custom_for_next_cron" not updated when i am removing one customer. So unsubcriber customer also getting email again and again.

Please suggest if you find any suitable module for newsletter.


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Same problem, keeps re-sending on each cron run.

Send rate is set to: Manual

Any fix before I uninstall and look elsewhere?

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Same here, it seems the mails never get tagged as "sent" so everytime the cron runs, it sends everything again.

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I have same problem.
But when i run the cron command manually i got this error messages:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object NewsletterAutomated->__construct() függvényben (/var/www/credo/sites/all/modules/newsletter/includes/newsletter.automated.inc 46 line).

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 newsletter_list_load() függvényben (/var/www/credo/sites/all/modules/newsletter/newsletter.module 1002 line).

Notice: Undefined offset: 5 newsletter_template_load() függvényben (/var/www/credo/sites/all/modules/newsletter/newsletter.module 1026 sor).

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 newsletter_newsletter_load() függvényben (/var/www/credo/sites/all/modules/newsletter/newsletter.module 1038 sor).
Notice: Undefined offset: 1 newsletter_newsletter_load() függvényben (/var/www/credo/sites/all/modules/newsletter/newsletter.module 1023 sor).

I hope this error message is help to find a solution.