I'm fiddling about with a clean install ( aka not upgrading ) . The content types were set, I have the two views, and have my fields sorted out. I've added a taxonomy field to the manage display for both content types of NG , and note that the description field was included. I've created two test galleries but under the ' Manage Items ' tab under the column edit the only thing showing is the title. The fields for my taxonomy category and the description are under the ' Edit ' tab and also under the edit for each individual picture, but not showing in the manage items tab.
Do I need to create a view for the manage items tab and force fields to show there , or is this a JS code thing ?
Any guidance where to look/fiddle would be a huge help. Thank you.

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You need to select the fields to show on Manage Items from the Node Gallery settings. It's under Configuration, Node Gallery, Change Settings in the row for the relationship type. Check the boxes in "Manage Items Fields" for the fields to include on the Manage Items page.

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Ah , and there was my problem. I wasn't seeing that page at all. I was getting ajax errors in the logs so started chasing that down , and then thought humm, maybe I should log in as the No 1 user ( even though i was logged in as admin with full permissions etc , and then I saw the config settings page . I must say I like that only being available to No 1 ( bet not everyone does ) . Thanks for answering me zengenuity and I take this opportunity to say thanks for doing this 7 version of Node Gallery. I'm documenting every step I do setting the galleries up , and will continue doing that when I upgrade all my 6 sites over the coming weeks.
Kudos to everyone who had a hand in this fantastic Module.

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There is supposed to be a permissions setting, actually, but I missed that when porting the module to D7. This patch adds it back. You can still keep the permission for uid=1 if you just don't give any role the permission.

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