I am trying to get the ckeditor module to work with Aurora (technically corona).
I have noticed that the ckeditor js is not being loaded. I have tried with the seven theme and it works.

Thoughts? I'll keep working on it as well.

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I turned off the JS stuff too.

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Version: 7.x-2.7 » 7.x-2.x-dev
Status: Active » Needs work

Okay, I fixed the code in the dev branch so that when the "push js in footer" setting is off--- it will work. Still need to figure out why it is not working with our processing... but with my experiences with WYSIWYGs... its just that way.

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O Joy, it works (with move to footer disabled)!!! Thanks a bunch Ian. Let me know how I can help with maintenance or anything else. May require a little knowledge dump or something?

Leaving open for complete fix...

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Having same issue.

This only happens with CKeditor module, and not with Wysiwyg module + CKeditor library.

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Project: Aurora » Magic
Version: 7.x-2.x-dev »

I am moving this to the Magic module's issue queue, as this functionality is being pulled from Aurora and put there for better open source collaboration.

On a related note: I would bet a good deal of money that we just need to check with the CKEditor module on what needs to have 'force header' in their javascript. If somebody has the time to check their code to see what needs to be in the head vs. the footer, that may be the issue.

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Project: Magic » CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor
Version: » 7.x-1.x-dev
Priority: Major » Normal
Status: Needs work » Needs review
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So I have figured out (what I think) is the issue. It is just that when we push all js (except libraries) to the footer, the order of the CKeditor files gets all sorts of messed up. Ironically, because they are putting them in the footer in the first place. So 1) well done CKEditor guys, but 2) Can we change the weight? I am attaching a patch that seems to fix it for me, but y'all would know better what this is doing.

To give a touch of background, the magic module takes code that was in Aurora to enhance the CSS/JS handling and puts it in a contrib module. The error is that as we force all js in the footer, CKEditor breaks.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (works as designed)