I've installed the "nice menus" module (obvisously^^). It seems to work well with IE but not with Firefox. Actually, the submenus can expand but just in the block. They aren't display out of the block (so, they are cutted by the block borders).

The theme i use is Sky.

Thanks for your help.


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I don't seem to be the only one who have such a problem... but i don't find any solution.
Let's notice that the said problem disappear if a switch to the bluemarin theme for example. (but i don't find why when i compare the two css file).


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I have seen this on some contributed themes but I haven't had time to actually track down what is causing it. If anyone figures it out please do let us know.

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Here is another related issue, I think, for another theme (Barlow.) Just wanted to keep track of them.


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I'm the maintainer of the Sky theme :)

I just looked into this issue, and in the Sky theme specifically, it is caused by overflow:hidden; in two places:

#sidebar {
padding:15px 0pt 0pt;
#sidebar .block {
margin:0pt 0pt 15px;

Removing the overflow in both of those classes fixes the problem in Firefox for both right sidebar and left sidebar layouts for the Sky theme.

These two classes are in there to make sure the layout stays intact, regardless of what is put inside the sidebar. If something larger than the sidebar gets put in, and the overflow class is not there, the sidebar will drop below the content. For that reason, I'm hesitant to remove it, but anyone who wants to use the two modules together can easily remove it on their own.

I hope that helps :)


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Thanks for your help.
You're right: when a drop the overflow:hidden;, the sidebar goes at bottom of the page...
A tricky solution is to replace the "overflow" propriety by a "float" in order to keep the sidebar in place...

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Title: Display problem [firefox] » Sidebar overflow CSS cutting off menus
Component: Browser Compat » Theme Compat

I'm going to change the title to be more specific and switch to theme compat.

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Also to note in the Barlow theme the issue is caused by:

typography.css having overflow: hidden;
in both
.sidebar (line 189)
.sidebar .block .content (line 203)

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

I'm going to mark this by design since I can't see a way that Nice Menus can fix this and it needs to have overflow in order to work properly. This issue requires working with the theme in question as far as I can see. I have added the info here to an FAQ in the handbook and pointed to this issue.

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I had this problem with the Mix and Match theme.

I use the Skinr module (http://drupal.org/project/skinr).

I set the option "Superfish menu styles" to "Vertical menu (for sidebar blocks)" and it working fine now :-)

Good luck