I installed auth cache,it is working fine expect it is conflicting with administrator menu and that menu disappeared after installing this module.It shows some ascii characters as below

8N����5uէ�������{�x�1�w��q������w��^�/F�w��ȎXS $D�����q����&v���*4���d���$��oGQB"��f$�(��>���>9�� �/�_ IV�e�M^���3�@{�/���B�G�/?ѡx$*`� +8���hb�<����L�))*pi��6^���,�$/�`����$��;�;xH�EL�*����s����8&�`��T~E[>�g��?����Tn4YfgIc�"��e��`�Q����bd ���� �(�0�|��@���$@h��ұ{Rm7>f0]@7�+R*�QJa�3������9�aϧ�Ē�c�/�A��IDMv��

Please tell me how can i clear that issue?


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Admin menu tries to cache itself, and the multiple levels of caching get confused.

Add the following to your settings.php:

$conf['admin_menu_cache_client'] = FALSE;
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Thanks.It is working fine now.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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thanks, that works well