I have 10,000 nodes to create with book title, description and of course, embedded book trailer video and interview from Youtube etc... I can add all that data manually by adding new content. But I can't add 10k nodes manually, so I used the Feeds Module. I can add all my data, except the fields for the youtube videos because they don't show in the legend. Can't use the Feeds Youtube module either, it's not for that purpose.

My question is; How can I add my youtube videos (using URL or Video ID) to my nodes all at once using Feeds module or anything faster than added them to nodes one by one manually. It's all in a CSV file at the moment.

Thanks a lot for saving me weeks of work!


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I also need this functionality. At the moment my YouTube links are being converted into local files, which link to nothing. I have confirmed that the feeds are being imported correctly, but once emfield gets ahold of the url, it rewrites the link to make it point to my local system, ignoring Media: YouTube completely.

Perhaps this is a large, Embedded Media Field, issue?

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As this is Drupal 7, if you're using the Media module, see http://drupal.org/project/media_feeds

I still haven't got this working, however.

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I finally fixed my issue and I have my YouTube videos working from just a link I imported. I used the Feeds module, but the issue was I needed to drop Embedded Media Field (which I was only using because I had used it in Drupal 6) and I had to install Remote Stream Wrapper and go from there.

Once I had my feeds importing into my File field all I had to do was tell Display Suite to show it as a "Rendered File". I set my width options under File Types (See https://drupal.org/node/1793548, check out "View Modes").

I hope this helps.

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I'm now using Remote Stream Wrapper, Media Feeds and Feeds to import YouTube videos. This works well. I'm not using ds.

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This is fixed per #4.

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