I used Noggin 1.1 und Pixture reloaded 3.0-RC1.

After Read all threads about it und use #header .header-inner selector i can use a image.

But some works not the theme runnung by max width 1260px an the headerimage from noggin
have on different settings on left,right or both sides of the head a part of the standard header.

It not possible to strech the image to the full width.

And change of the height is impossible too.

I hope it give any idears.


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Thanks for no respond for Two Weeks.

For my opinion is Pixture Theme not fully compatible to Noggin.

Now i put noggin in the trash...

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If you use a custom image but rename it to be the same as one of the file names in the pre-loaded headers, it will work. I've been using this on the site I've been building, so I'm sure it will work for you as well.

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Status: Needs work » Active

A lot of work has been done recently to fix up issues for Noggin and PR and other themes.

Lennard, with all due respect, a fellow developer should know better than to be rude in another issue queue. Not nice, not needed, and not wanted.

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Have always been understanding for the work that is put into it, but 2 months for a simple answer like ok we have taken it to the knowledgeable and work on it would have been fair.