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The documentation page reports information about autocomplete callbacks which is not pertinent with the process function used for the "vertical tabs" form element. The documentation for Drupal 8 for the same function doesn't contain the same information.

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Huh. I wonder where that documentation belongs or where it came from? Let's see.

In D8, some of it is on form_process_autocomplete(), but that function doesn't appear to exist in D7. I don't see any other place to put it either. So, I guess this patch is fine for D7. Thanks! I'll get it committed shortly.

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Committed to 7.x -- thanks again!

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Could that information go in the #autocomplete_path documentation? I am not sure it is really necessary, but that seems a pertinent place.

IMO, that information is equally valid for any menu callback, not just the menu callback used for an autocomplete. Such information is already present in the documentation for hook_menu(); repeating it in another documentation page doesn't seem necessary.

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I think you're right. The information is already in hook_menu() docs and I don't think we need to have it put anywhere else.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.