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OlinData is a tech start-up that focuses on professional IT management. With highly experienced engineers and trainers, we conduct live, in-depth training workshops and offer worldwide remote consulting for open source solutions in content management and configuration management.

For Drupal trainings you can find our upcoming schedule on the Acquia website, our trainings are marked with: training by OlinData.

Planning is 2 trainings a month spread around Europe, if there is need in a specific country we can update and plan a training in your country.

Drupal contributions

Contributions: Next to all our trainers being Drupal Association members, we created a bridge between Zabbix and Drupal for Drupal 6 ( and are looking for the right projects to support in development, documentation or translation.

Support: We are hanging out in the issue queue, IRC (richardjapenga, walterheck) in the #drupal and #drupal-twig channel to give support and discuss the twig initiative at this moment.

Conferences and Talking: Drupaljam 2011, Froscon 2011, Drupalcafe 2012. We organised a 'Hello Drupal' event in Utrecht, the Netherlands in collaboration with One Shoe (blog report here) and we are working on doing a monthly/bi-monthly 'Hello Drupal' event in the Benelux.

Marketing contributions: We are talking with different parties about co-organizing / volunteering for European events.

We encourage our engineers to actively contribute to the fields they are trainers for. This way, we can ensure that they have some of the best knowledge on the subjects they train in. For Drupal, this means we encourage our trainers to blog, contribute in existing modules and/or new ones.

All our engineers / trainers are enthusiastic about conferences and are encouraged to try and speak at those events.


As an official Acquia partner, we provide training in Europe as well as in Southeast Asia. Our trainings cover all of the trainings offered by Acquia, although we mostly focus on the Site Building and Theming trainings.