If I need to upgrade the libraries api module from 1.0 to 2.0?
can I delete the libraries api folder and replace it with the new 2.0 and run update.php?
thanks a lot.


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Found a workaround.

(first place site in maintenance mode ;-)
1. Rename current libraries directory (e.g. with Filezilla)
current directory is present in sites>all>modules>contrib
renamed to libraries_old

2. Zip file, decompressed and with FTP placed in sites>all>modules>contrib
3. Afterwards run update database.

In the module list, new version will be visible.

4. Put site out of maintenance

Works for me

Optional: remove dir sites>all>modules>contrib>libraries_old


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just a tip:

don't leave old versions behind. if not in use, remove from the modules folder.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Also, as velden000 said, the upgrade is straight forward. Delete old version (v1), upload new version (v2) and run update.php .

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Just did another upgrade from 7.x-1.0 to 7.x-2.2

As mentioned above.

  1. Deleted libraries folder (v1)
  2. Uploaded libraries folder (v2.2)
  3. Ran update.php - it had one pending update and finished sucessfully.

No issues afaik.