I use Commerce Kickstart ( 2.0-rc4 -> updated to 2.0 ) without the demo shop installed and wanted to enable commerce kickstart menus. However, it didn't work properly so i turned it off and now my toolbar is messed up, the child items are now listed as main items and some of the nodes don't open in an overlay. I don't know if this happened because i enabled commerce kickstart menus and i can't quite remember if the toolbar was already broken before doing so.

I also installed superfish menu (since commerce kickstart theme doesn't support child items in the main menu). Maybe it has something to do with that?

I attached some screenshots of the standard drupal toolbar (#1) and the commerce kickstart menus toolbar enabled (#2).

BTW: This certainly has nothing to do with switching the language to german (was the same with english)

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Drupal is the one to blame for this issue, It has an issue with the reparenting of the menu items (See #550254: Menu links are sometimes not properly re-parented).

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Ok , clearing the site's cache somehow fixed this (at least the Commerce Kickstart Menus Toolbar). Haven't switched back to the normal drupal toolbar yet. I'll report on that later..

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This is because 'commerce kickstart menus' heavily changes the 'administration' menu. They want to use the toolbar, but you cannot specify you own menu on toolbar.

To restore the normal administation menu , you can execute this in phpmyadmin:
DELETE FROM menu_links WHERE router_path LIKE 'admin%'
I am not sure if it corrupts manually added admin items.

[EDIT] perhaps flushing the menu cache (or all caches) resolves the problem, too.

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Title: Toolbar broken » Toolbar (administration menu) broken after disabling 'commerce kickstart menus'
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To avoid all hassle with enabling/disabling menus, I would suggest the following:
- create a new commerce_administration menu, instead of altering the default administration menu; This way you can have an admin menu for the shop owner, and leave de default admin menu intact for the site builder. It is very confusing to maintain several website, where the admin menu is change so heavily.
- apply #1500302: Make the toolbar menu configurable per role/per user (D7) to Toolbar core-module to make Toolbar sensitive for an external menu_name.
- apply attached patch (sorry folks, just svn) to toolbar_megamenu .
(The attached patch of 150 lines removes 80 lines from the codebase. I have only evaluated the first half of the module-file, and didn't check the second half. We might save more.)

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I like the idea in #4.

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#4 is the solution I was looking for I think, will have to test it.

I build and maintain dozens of Drupal sites. I like the idea of kickstart menu for the shop maintainer, not for me as a builder. So I kinda get frustrated that the admin menu got screwed...

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This issue can be broken down to two parts:

  1. When Commerce Kickstart Menus gets disabled, due to #550254: Menu links are sometimes not properly re-parented Management menu is not being properly rebuilt, hence it will look broken.
  2. To display links Drupal core's Toolbar module uses the Management menu — more precisely a portion of it. There is no option to change this.

The first part is fixed in this commit. Commerce Kickstart Menus needs to be uninstalled in order to set the administrative links back to their original state. Disabling the module is not enough. After uninstalling it Admin Menu can be installed and used without any problems as well as core's Toolbar module.

Thank you @johnv for your efforts in addressing the second part. Your solution depends on #1500302: Make the toolbar menu configurable per role/per user (D7) which has a hard dependency (#596010: Move "Administration" link into Account menu and make Toolbar output first level of 'admin' menu) that will most likely not be backported to Drupal 7. Being able to use a different menu with Toolbar (and so with Commerce Kickstart Menus) would be a huge benefit, but unfortunately we can't rely on these core patches in Commerce Kickstart. If the aforementioned issues somehow move forward in Drupal 7 too, we would be more than happy to base a new solution on top of the changes they introduce.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I think I ran into this problem today in a Drupal 7.26 site that had recently enabled the majority of the commerce modules. Site became increasingly unresponsive, especially after making changes to my main menu (changing use tokens, removing/adding menu items, etc.) CPU load shot up to 100% and apache started consuming all available RAM within a minute of startup.

Managed to rebuild menus (devel module) and get a short reprieve but soon the admin menu was trashed and had to run drush pm-disable admin_menu to recover site. I disabled all commerce related modules as well. So far, site is back and operational. I can't pinpoint commerce as the source of the problem, but if so, this is a massive bug.

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You provided no information that would allow us to reproduce your problem.
Feel free to open a new issue once you know exactly which part of the code is creating the problem for you.