Great module, thanks !

I'm working on a french localization, and I get galleries titles like "AUser's Galleries" ; the problem is that the "'s" is hardcoded and cannot be translated (my need is: "Galeries de AUser") :

function node_gallery_list_galleries_title($account, $content_type = NULL) {
$name = $user->uid == $account->uid ? "My" : $account->name . '\'s';  // Line 1204
return t('@user @gallery Galleries', array('@user' => $name, '@gallery' => $gallery_name));  // Line 1206

The available string for localization is '@user @gallery Galleries', so there's no way to process the "'s". Moreover the apostrophe is shown encoded (' is written) because the placeholder, beginning by @, requires sanitization, and the simple quote is in the value...

I also noticed that when I click in the breadcrumb's link "AUser's galleries", for instance having a path /galleries/3, the second argument received in the above function is '' (an empty string), whereas it is supposed to be NULL in the code.

I'm working on a patch, coming soon...

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Here's the patch.

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Thanks! I'm away on vacation for the next week, but will review the patch when I get back.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Thank you so much pverrier for the patch!

It resolved this issue as well

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Happy to help!