Hi :

When I install Aegir,it stops at "Loading apache driver for the http service". And no error and notice appears.
Just stop on this step.
Any help?

Executing: svn info /tmp/make_tmp_1356412135_50d934e73232f
sh: svn: command not found

Executing: bzr root /tmp/make_tmp_1356412135_50d934e73232fCalling [debug]
/tmp/make_tmp_1356412135_50d934e73232f/__build__) [48.78 sec, 9.93
sh: bzr: command not foundProject drupal (6.27) downloaded to [success]
/tmp/make_tmp_1356412135_50d934e73232f/__build__. [50.1 sec, 9.93 MB]
Project drupal contains: [success]
- 1 profile: default
- 6 themes: minnelli, garland, pushbutton, marvin, chameleon,
- 33 modules: search, poll, trigger, upload, throttle, color, help,
php, profile, system, blogapi, openid, filter, ping, update, dblog,
locale, path, book, contact, statistics, translation, user, tracker,
aggregator, syslog, block, taxonomy, blog, menu, node, forum, comment
[50.13 sec, 9.95 MB]
Command dispatch complete [50.14 sec, 9.87 MB] [notice]
Peak memory usage was 10.9 MB [50.14 sec, 9.87 MB] [memory]
drupal-6.27 downloaded. [50.33 sec, 9.84 MB] [ok]
Backend invoke: /usr/bin/php /drush/drush.php --php=/usr/bin/php [command]
--backend=2 --root= --uri= make-process
/tmp/make_tmp_1356412135_50d934e73232f 2>&1 [50.37 sec, 9.8 MB]
/usr/bin/php /drush/drush.php --php=/usr/bin/php --backend=2 --root= [notice]
--uri= make-process /tmp/make_tmp_1356412135_50d934e73232f 2>&1
[50.37 sec, 9.81 MB]
Bootstrap to phase 0. [50.62 sec, 9.19 MB] [bootstrap]
Bootstrap to phase 0. [50.64 sec, 9.19 MB] [bootstrap]
Found command: make-process (commandfile=make) [50.64 sec, 9.19 MB] [bootstrap]
Loading release_info engine. [50.65 sec, 9.2 MB] [notice]
Loaded alias @server_master from file [notice]
/var/aegir/.drush/server_master.alias.drushrc.php [50.71 sec, 9.38
Loading mysql driver for the db service [50.73 sec, 9.52 MB] [notice]
Loading apache driver for the http service [50.74 sec, 9.63 MB]


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

You seem to have errors about bzr and svn at the top of that log...

Keep in mind that errors sometimes come out in the wrong order, or at least that things may appear to fail for no error, but are actually failing because of an earlier.

Are you using a special makefile? Please provide the full install log.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (cannot reproduce)

The 1.x branch of Aegir is deprecated. Please re-open if you can re-produce this issue on the latest 2.x or later branches.