From CKEditor v4 is not possible to use more than 1 skin on the page, so this option is moved to Global Profile - from now it wouldn't be possible to use 2 diffrent skins by switching text format in textarea.


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Changes commited to GIT (diff).

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Status: Fixed » Needs work
  • Line breaks in translatable strings are not supported in potx.
  • Backtick's shouldn't used. This is not Drupal code style. Use <em> instead, please.
  • !skin should be changed to %skin for security reasons. It's only a name and no html with tags, isn't it? !skin qualifies for a security issue.
  • l() is not allowed in translatable strings.
  • editg link has for sure no trailing /
+    drupal_set_message(t(
+      'The `CKEditor Global Profile` profile is using `!skin` skin which cannot be found. Please !profile_settings.', array(
+        '!skin' => $global_profile->settings['skin'],
+        '!profile_settings' => l(t('update your settings'), 'admin/config/content/ckeditor/editg/')
+      )

Correct example:

drupal_set_message(t('The <em>CKEditor Global Profile</em> profile is using %skin skin which cannot be found. Please <a href="@profile_settings">update your settings</a>.', array('%skin' => $global_profile->settings['skin'], '@profile_settings' => url('admin/config/content/ckeditor/editg'));
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Status: Needs work » Fixed

@hass, really thx for help.

All changes commited to GIT (diff)

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)