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When checking the log files I noticed an user tried to comment, but the comment is nowhere to find. When in test-mode Mollom (7.x-2.3 and 7.x-2.3+5-dev) response as expected. Below the log details:

postBody = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
authorName = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
authorMail = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
authorUrl = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
authorIp = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
checks =
0 = 'spam'
1 = 'profanity'
strictness = 'relaxed'
Response 200:

code = '200'
content =
id = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
spamScore = '0.0'
profanityScore = '0.0'
spamClassification = 'ham'

It seems that the homepage has to be correctly filled (http://) or Drupal returns error and Mollom shows CAPTCHA. However I don't see in particular user's log that a CAPTCHA was provided, yet while testing myself it shows up correctly. Any suggestions?

Reply appreciated! Thanks.


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Category: bug » support
Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Hm. There's no relationship between the Homepage/URL input field and the Mollom CAPTCHA.

If you configured your comment form to require anonymous users to fill out their contact information (including homepage), then the comment form will throw a form validation error, if a field was left empty. That is not part of the Mollom module functionality though.

In general, if you do not see log messages about a CAPTCHA being retrieved for a particular post, then that means that the user was not challenged with one.

Since the spamClassification of this post was "ham", I can only guess that the user simply decided to not leave a comment — i.e., an independent, human decision, completely unrelated to the Mollom functionality. ;)

I hope that makes sense to you. I'm going to close this issue for now.

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