We found today that if user.flood.yml gets lost for whatever reason you wont be able to log in (!) and the error is a standard flood message absolutely not indicating the config fail. We need to pass a flag to Config indicating that this config object is mandatory and if it is not found then please throw an exception. The flag will be passed to Config::__construct and read by load().


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this is the sort of thing we need to guard against on import as well.

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I don't think it makes sense to bake this into Config.

The case can be resolved in two ways:

1) Hard-code a default value in case the configuration does not return a value.

2) Throw an error or exception at the calling/implementation layer. (i.e., user_login_form())

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Now that we require full config trees for import I don't think this is an issue. CMI is a datastore - in D7 if you hacked your db unpredictable things can happen - same in D8 but now we include your active config store in things you should not hack :)

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