I am sure many others have ran into the same issue, of needing to update jQuery for the frontend theme but not for the administration theme. Replacing jQuery site-wide can cause many problems. Surprised this feature was missing, I wrote a very simple patch that offers this functionality.

The patch provides a checkbox that allows you to ignore the admin theme. If ticked, it will not replace jQuery in the administration theme - making everything work as expected. I am sure this will solve a lot of headaches - or migraines...

Please let me know if you run into any issues or have questions. I am happy to help.


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thank you for very useful patch

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Thanks this patch worked like a charm !

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Beautiful. Should be integrated immediately. Thanks!

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This looks good and is simpler than the latest patch in #1524944: Allow different version for administrative pages. So far I haven't had the need to override core's jQuery on admin pages.

+++ b/sites/all/modules/jquery_update/jquery_update.moduleundefined
@@ -70,6 +70,16 @@ function jquery_update_library_alter(&$javascript, $module) {
+  // Ignore admin theme

Minor nitpick: this comment should be a complete sentence (end in a period) - see http://drupal.org/node/1354 (General documentation standards).

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Thanks @jnpwebdeveloper. I ran this by one of our themers and made some tweaks to hopefully make this easier to understand for both new and veteran themers.

Updated the patch so the default is to NOT update jQuery in the administration theme and tweaked the UI (moved the checkbox up and revised the text). If you're not using a separate administration theme, you won't see the checkbox. If you're using one theme across your whole site, the checkbox won't do anything anyway.



No admin theme (Bartik):


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This is actually a duplicate of #1524944: Allow different version for administrative pages also gives users lets options.

This patch is a good idea but maybe you can comment/review/help with the other patch and it'll speed up the process :)

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Updated issue summary.

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Thanks. This helped me a lot!