Hello, I got this error after migration from XAMPP localhost to my live server.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function file_uri_to_object() in sites/all/modules/media_youtube/includes/themes/media_youtube.theme.inc on line 20

On line 20 is:

19  // Make the file object available.
20 $file_object = file_uri_to_object($variables['uri']);

Site is Video RSS agregator like here http://drupal.org/node/1358558


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That's weird. file_uri_to_object() is a File Entity function -- can you check that file entity is installed and working well on your site?

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It's on and no error in error log, if you means this.

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Can you try calling file_uri_to_object() in a template in your site? Off the top of my head this could be a module loading order problem, maybe, or something very specific to your site. I can't reproduce on my clean install.

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To me has been the same and it was a problem updating the media, you have to delete the folder "file_entity" from within.

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This is fixed per #4.

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