Drupal 7.16, Views 7.x-3.5.

Starting from help/views/example-users-by-role, the tutorial sent me to admin/structure/views/add (add a new View), and goes downhill from there.

Give your new view the name 'user_list', description 'A simple user listing.', tag 'users', type 'User' and click Next.

There is no "tag" field, although there is a "tagged with" field.

There is a "type" dropdown list, but "User" is not one of the options.

There is no "Next" button.

Clicking Save and Continue instead of Next just makes it worse. The tutorial has discussions of drop-down menus in columns, and there aren't any such menus.

I'm thinking that the tutorial is left over from an earlier version of Views and never got updated or removed. It should be updated or removed, because it is completely wrong and leaves new users like me more confused than when we started.


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You are right, it was written against the drupal 6 add new view form, so feel free to update it.
In general this kind of state is true for all help in views.

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I can't update it because I don't know this stuff. That's why I was reading the tutorial.

Until someone updates it, would it be reasonable to put a note in that it's out-of-date? That would at least alleviate some of the confusion.

Or, would it be better to remove it entirely?

If all the help is like this, maybe a note at the top of the doc tree that it is all out-of-date?

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