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I'm having kind of a funny issue with Views not behaving well. My view is a list of pictures, grouped by taxonomy term. Each taxonomy term group has a title (the taxonomy term) and one, and only one, "representative" picture (I am using the Relationship "Taxonomy term: Content with term"). The picture is a link that then brings the user to the full gallery of pictures for that taxonomy.

Currently, the representative picture is the "oldest" picture (by post date). What I'd like to do is show the "newest" picture (by post date). I tried to put a sort by Content:Post Date, and the view showed ALL pictures, not just the one picture anymore. Any thoughts to why putting this sort on showed all pictures and the view stopped showing one and only one picture?

Let me know if you need more clarification or any other supporting information. Thanks so much in advance for the help - I've been beating myself up trying to fix this!

- Peter


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Any thoughts on this?

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Well, I ended up finding a solution. I used this module to just show the first item in the grouping - http://drupal.org/project/views_limit_grouping

Works like a charm!

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