I am having an issue getting started with an Aurora sub-theme. I've got the Aurora gem, and every time I try to create a new compass project using compass create my_project -r aurora -u aurora, the message "No such framework: aurora" is returned. I've sanity checked myself by creating new compass projects using other frameworks, and this issue seems to be specific to Aurora.

I'm using rbenv for my Ruby environment, though I'd be surprised if that caused this issue.


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This seems to have been a result of me getting super excited about Aurora after reading the first sentence. I immediately ran gem install aurora, realized this was wrong, and then ran gem install compass-aurora. Keeping around the first gem upset compass.

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Have the same problem. Installed (and reinstalled) all the dependencies, but always get No such framework: "aurora" messages. When I list my gems, I see compass-aurora (1.0.2) in the list. Compass has three versions there: 0.13.alpha.0 - compass aurora needed it, 0.12.2 and 0.12.1.

Have no idea what I am missing. :(

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Fortunately I was able to manage it. Made the same mistake as @killtheliterate, installed just the "aurora" gem. Then I installed "compass-aurora", but not removed "aurora". So I had to do that. After removing "aurora" everything goes fine.

Maybe the sentence "Keeping around the first gem upset compass." means that I had to remove it, but my English was not brilliant enough to realize this. :(

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I did not have an aurora gem, only compass-aurora, so that was not my issue. What ultimately worked for me was running 'gem uninstall compass-aurora', uninstalling all versions (I had compass-aurora-3.0.8 and 3.0.9,) then running 'gem install compass-aurora' yet again.

This solved the issue for me; hopefully this helps out someone else as well!