Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() in /home/randrand/greenhive.coop/commons/profiles/commons/modules/contrib/commons_site_homepage/commons_site_homepage.module on line 23

I get this when I click the link to view my new site after installation.
I am so excited to get this site working!

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lcfirst only work in PHP 5.3 or newer and as far i know Drupal Commons should work also in PHP 5.2 so is not allowed the use of lcfirst.

I replaced it for:

strtolower(substr($name ,0,1)).substr($name,1);

Is less readable but works perfectly with php 5.2 or newer.

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Title: I get this error on install every time. Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() » undefined function lcfirst() with PHP 5.2
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Indeded - Thanks, gnuget!

I added a code comment and committed. http://drupalcode.org/project/commons_site_homepage.git/commit/04ab7d7

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.