Hello there,

I am using Drupal since some years now, but today, believe it or not, I discovered "commons" for the first time. As it seems to be the perfect setup for a new projekt of mine, I installed it on a test environment today. Now I am having a few questions, and let me say, that I am realy sorry, if this has been asked before. If there're docs around for it, please refer me to them!

First - After I did install commons (alpha 2) I checked for module updates, and there're a lot of them. What I want to know is - Should I install all of em, or is it better to stay with those versions commons did come with? I am asking, as I am not sure if it might cause problems if I update them!

Second - What about the core? Installed version is 7.16, but 7.17 is the newest. It's the same questions as with the modules - Will it cause any trouble if I update the core?

Third - Are there any limitations regarding other mods (from the module database)? Or am I able to install all of them, despite that I might need to theme them.

Fourth - What about the core forum and advanced forum? Can I install it? Again, I know, that I may have to theme and edit the files, but that's not a problem for me. Just need to know, if it, again, will cause any trouble.

Fifth (and last) - Can I theme commons like drupal normal version? Template suggestions, views override, and so on?

Again - Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried to find answers, but it isn't that easy. :|

Thanks you very, very much for your help!


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The maintainers will update the distro as quick as they can. You can install other Drupal modules and theme like you usually do. Please reopen if that is not enough answer.

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