Why did you choose XML interface instead of SOAP? Advantages? Disadvantages?

I am looking at extra stuff to do in the future. The SOAP version has more documentation and examples. I am wondering if it has more features or will XML do everything?


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At the time the module was originally written, the SOAP layer was poorly documented and required extra privileges to use that interface, whereas the XML API was well-documented and supported on all levels of accounts. The SOAP API may be better documented now than it used to be (it was poorly cross-referenced, had no examples, the DTD's for types were hard to find if even available, and ET support was less than helpful).

The way the API was built, it could be converted to SOAP pretty easily.

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There's also the issue of timeouts with SOAP and HTTPS - the best description I could find is https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=48524
If It wasn't PHP I'd definitely go with the SOAP API route.

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Closing this issue. After spending a fair amount of time with the SOAP API I don't even consider this option unless someone wants to write the code AND support it.