Lightbox2 seems not to work on Drupal7. theres no lightbox view to choose in the settings


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This has not been done for the Drupal 7 version, and I probably won't have time to do it soon. If you (or someone else) can get a view working with Lightbox2, please export it, and attach it to this issue. Assuming it works, I'll add it to the module as an available default view.

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Any news on the Lightbox integration??

I didn't realise it wasn't supported! I have had issues with some modules on D6 so upgraded to D7 with the intention of building my new site with lightbox galleries for lots of the content but alas it doesn't work.

Anyone got any solutions please?

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So far I can't even attempt to get a view working due to a lightbox issue

Can anyone spend some time on this as its all way over my capabilities of understanding and i dont wish to blow my website up!


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Just to confirm - lightbox2 integration is not supported in D7, correct? I'm trying to choose between media_galleries and node_galleries- which should I be going with?

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Any news on this? Easy workararounds?

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It seems colorbox integration is fairly simple:

Also read comment 14
It seems that the newer version of Node Galleries is even simpler to set up with colorbox