I came across this module as it appears it's needed if I wish to have my view title translatable. I am using Views 2.16 version so I downloaded i18nviews 6.x-2.0. You can see below as I copied and pasted this from my module list page. Once I installed this and enabled it, and re-edited my views and edited the title, I was able to search for the title words and it now comes up in the search translate interface. This is new because now I can see the VIEWS text group rather than only see the built-in interface text group.

But nothing happens and the title still does not get translated. Also I noticed in the module list page that it says this module requires Views 3.x. Why does it say this? This is module 6.x-2.0 so it should work with views 2.0, correct? Is this my problem? I don't get why it's showing this. Thanks!

Views 6.x-2.16 Create customized lists and queries from your database.
Required by: Chart API Views Integration (disabled), Faceted Search Views (enabled), Features Tests (disabled), Flag Note (enabled), Views translation (enabled), Page Title Views SimpleTest (disabled), Views Accordion (disabled), Views attach (enabled), Bonus: Views Export (disabled), Bonus: Paged Feed (disabled), Bonus: Panels (disabled), Views Bulk Operations (enabled), Views content panes (enabled), Views exporter (enabled), Views Nivo Slider (enabled), Views Showcase (enabled), Views Slideshow (enabled), Views UI (enabled), Views slideshow: DDblock (disabled), Views Slideshow: SingleFrame (enabled), Views Slideshow: ThumbnailHover (enabled)

Views translation 6.x-2.0 Translation of views strings and content selection for views. Requires Views 3.x
Depends on: Views (enabled), String translation (enabled), Taxonomy translation (enabled), Locale (enabled), Internationalization (enabled), Taxonomy (enabled), Content translation (enabled)

Text group String Languages Operations
Built-in interface NEW LISTINGS!
ja zh-hant zh-hans
(zh-hant) edit delete
Built-in interface print t('NEW LISTINGS!');
/zh-hant ja zh-hant zh-hans edit delete
newlistingspreview:block_1:title ja zh-hant zh-hans edit delete
newlistingspreview:default:title ja zh-hant zh-hans edit delete
newlistingspreview:block_2:title ja zh-hant zh-hans edit delete