Last updated 20 June 2014. Created on 6 November 2012.
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The Ooyala module allows for your site to be integrated with the Ooyala video hosting service. Current functionality includes:

  • Uploading and viewing videos
  • Adding Ooyala video fields to entities
  • Importing assets directly from your Backlot account
  • Synchronizing Ooyala labels with Drupal taxonomy terms
  • Creating and managing Ooyala channels and their contents
  • Providing timecode bookmarks for assets
  • API documentation for integration with site-specific modules, including access to custom metadata and other asset properties

Note: If you have Akamai in front of your website, be sure to adjust your Akamai settings to allow PUT requests. This is required for uploading video through the module

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.