I have a cck defined with a user entity reference. On the node creation form for this cck, I use a view for users to be able to select the referenced user. In this view, I would like to use lightbox trigger on the name of the user so when user clicks on it, instead of taking them to a different page, a popup with the user details shows up. This is not working and the link is just going to another page.

Please help



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please help

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I think there may be setting issue! I have tested it on my local and found the cause.

In created view you have to add that cck reference field(user reference) and then need to add "Lightbox trigger" so it will come under the "Configure field: Lightbox: Lightbox trigger" settings.
You need to select that "Trigger field" so popup with the user details shows up. If you select other fields under Trigger field which is not related to references then the link will go to another page.

I hope it will help you.

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thanks swati.karande to response... something similar it's happening for me

I have a page display that show thumbnails for some youtube videos. Lightbox2 works correctly when I test it inside the views-ui, popup is launched and youtube video is charged. But doesn't work in node form... I use context to show a thumbnails block. This block is correctly referenced, if I click in some of the thumbnails a popup is launched but empty, without video.

What is wrong with my views setup?