Running version 5.1, have spent an entire day grappling with a seemingly random "access denied" frontpage for anonymous users. Just isolated it to this module. When menu_per_role is installed, anonymous users get denied from all content, & I have no earthly clue why. Authenticated users are fine. I've re-installed, repopulated the node_access table, & come close to breaking out voodoo dolls. Any help would be much, MUCH appreciated.


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I'm getting similar behavior. Access Denied to anonymous AND authenticated users to the frontpage and forums. The PAGES, not the menus. Some menus show up despite the fact that I've turned them off for some roles. Not sure if there is a conflict with Taxonomy or some other module. I've turned off all other modules except MPR though and I still have the issue. I turn off MPR and the issue goes away - but my menus now all show.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

This is now 2 years old so I'm closing it. If you can co-maintain, let us know.