I'm trying to tokenize titles and paths for all taxonomy terms from a vocabulary. I assume this is a setting for Vocabulary tab.
My terms are geographical names.
Vocabulary is named Destinations and I have the following terms:
For Rome, I need my breadcrumb to look like this:
Home > Europe > Italy > Lazio
And the paths for this to look like this:
Home > domain.com/europe > domain.com/europe/italy > domain.com/europe/italy/lazio
I have noticed taxonomy related tokens are missing from the list. I only have Nodes tokens, not Terms tokens.
I need to use taxonomy term names in order to set my breadcrumb's segments paths.
Could you help, please?
Thank you!


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I still can't deal with this issue, even today. Could anyone, please, point me into the right direction?

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Here is a patch which added missed tokens for taxonomy breadcrumbs settings page.

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