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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Drupal Centric are a digital agency providing solutions using Drupal Open Source technology. We are one of the longest serving Drupal agencies in the UK, having developed with Drupal since 2005. We use Drupal for everything from corporate brochure sites to large social networking platforms.

Module Selection

There are a multitude of modules to choose from which means there are many ways to achieve the same objective with Drupal. Knowing the best modules to use, ones that are actively maintained and the most efficient way of putting them together is what we do best. Keeping up to date with the latest module developments is a constant issue but one we happily do to make sure we're using Drupal to its full potential.

Custom Modules

We've written many custom modules, from large scale ecommerce Sage connectors to small video up loaders. You can view an Ubercart module we released and we are working with our clients to release other modules to the Drupal community.

Responsive Drupal Theming

Drupal theming is all part of putting together a custom platform that follows your company branding. We design and theme our own projects and also work closely with other design agencies to put their designs into Drupal. If you have a website already created with Drupal we can add a custom theme to make the site your own.

Drupal Optimisation

Optimising Drupal to make your site run as fast and efficiently as possible will not only help keep visitors on your site but also help your search engine rankings, site speed is now a ranking factor with Google. Not only do we optimise Drupal but also the database and the server the site runs on. Is your site running to speed?

Drupal Support

We provide ongoing Drupal support and maintenance 24/7 for all our clients via our online support platform. We like to continue to support our clients way beyond the design and build process in order to build a strong and lasting relationship you can trust.

View our portfolio of Drupal sites and case studies.

Drupal contributions

We have been actively using Drupal since 2005 and have worked with it ever since.

Module contribution: UC Multi Purchase

This module allows you to offer "buy X get Y free" discounts in an Ubercart 1.x store on Drupal 5.

We attended DrupalCon London and also DrupalUK and Drupal Beer and Chat meets. We help in the forums and issue queues and are also Drupal Organisation members. We blog regularly to help promote Drupal to a wider audience and find our newsletters are also interesting to those outside of the Drupalsphere.