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Meh. I never got around to this. The modules are out there, the Drupal Commerce team is more than welcome to use them if they'd like. :)

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Actually - have this running now and it appears, so far, to be working great ..

Getting down to product displays and variations and not kicking any errors so far.. If edit in place can be made to work on product displays, might to be a revolution! .. BUT .. Still hung up on basic structural decisions and in trade for that field report - would dearly welcome some advise.

Basically, considering extending responsive panels to core things like Add Node. But there is *a lot* of conflicting comment on regarding Drup 8 Spark panels vs blocks .. And the views/form work to pull off a complete abandonment of blocks is not inconsequential ..

I ask only because I would dearly love to drop one or the other and proceed.

Won't hold it against you if your guess is no better than mine - and I swear I will never reference the answer later - but what which way would you go if you were putting together a fresh Spark cored site today?

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Also - thx for all the work on this backport project ..