For nodes that have the "New Comment" form on the same page as the node, I'm getting the javascript error:

Uncaught [CKEDITOR.editor] The instance "edit-comment-body-und-0-value" already exists.

Which is stopping all other javascript execution on the page (breaking other features of the site). From other ckeditor support forums, it looks like this means the comment textarea is being applied twice. Is that a configuration error on my side or a bug in the code?


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Do u try to reproduce this bug in last DEV version?

It is possible to get any access to your site to reproduce this? It will be much faster to debug it and fix, because if i cannot reproduce sth i cannot also fix it.
Or if u doesn't have any possibility to give access pls write instruction step by step what to do from fresh Drupal installation to reproduce this bug.


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Hmm, now I'm unable to reproduce it with a clean Drupal install. I guess it must be an inter-module conflict. I'll do some more digging and see what's up.